Saturday, 14 April 2012

Blitzkrieg Commander

I thought, in honor of having been given some awesome Birthday (21 this year, honest!) gifts, I'd put up a somewhat brief review of one of them. As the title states, today's subject is Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC).

It's one of a couple games that use a very similar ruleset, the others being Cold War Commander and Future War Commander. BKC focuses on battles ranging from the Spanish Civil war through WW2, covering dates of 1936-45. The rules themselves only cover about 40 pages and are very clearly laid out, with a good selection of pictures and diagrams. The lightness of the rules, combined with the plentiful diagrams, combine to give a very quick and relatively painless path to learning the game.

The game works perfectly fine, from what I read in the rules, with virtually any scale from 6mm (or less!) up to the 28mm style, so whatever your preference the game covers it great. The system runs exclusively with six-sided dice, although it also uses a directional die - this being a six-sider with arrows on the facings - Games Workshop players might know it better as a scatter die - but instead of a die it's trivial indeed to play with a coin or other circle of card marked with arrows instead.

The big gem, at least for me, is the enormous swathe and variety of 'army lists' available in the back of the book. Lists cover so many different factions and forces that, to be frank, any war gamer should be able to find something to give them their war gaming wood. The typical size of lists, too, allows for a relatively quick and cheap assembly of forces for a game, this is going to encourage me to build up some tank forces. Because, after all, with how quickly (HA!) I paint, I really, really need another 100-200 6mm minis.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to getting some games of this in alongside (or, dare I say, instead of!) Ogre. Rest assured, you usual suspects, you're going to be hearing a little more about this as we set up more meets!


  1. Are you going to make me finish painting another army before you?

  2. Almost certainly... Still, at least tanks are quicker than people!

  3. Indeed. That's why the gods invented spraypaint. ;-)