Saturday, 26 February 2011

Armies of Greyhawk 2 - Ice & Frost Barbarians!

It's time for the second installation of the Armies of Greyhawk lists that I really should spend more time working on.  I decided I should throw these two together into one post because, well, they're really rather limited in options and very similar in 'feel'.  Worry not though, as the lists themselves (bare though they are) have remained separate.

It behooves me also at this point to post a few words about my sources of inspiration and information and explain why I've not really gone into any detail on the 'fluff' and background of these armies.  First off, I'd suggest that everyone interested in seeing the posts that most inspired me to doing this go take a look at Grendelwulf's excellent blog. Sort by Field of Glory tags and you'll catch an absolute eyeful of excellent information that is helping me write these with some form of reasonable and accurate detail. Anything I could post here on these various nations backgrounds are already available right there, and he deserves the page hits and plaudits more than I do! And, considering I don't have access to the issues of Dragon with the original articles in, the work he's put into it already has truly been invaluable, and I'm very glad he was happy for others in the community to put their two coppers in as I have done.

Secondly, another plug for the Greyhawk Grognard. His continued support, his knowledge and his ability and willingness to answer the questions of someone that, while enthusiastic about Greyhawk for a very, very long time was a complete and total nooblet to the actual information has made the project into a set of lists not just for my own satisfaction, but also into something that I hope a great friend will find of worth as well.

Right. Enough gushing. More bloodthirsty northerners!

ICE BARBARIANS CLICKY (.ods, Open Office file)

FROST BARBARIANS CLICKY (.ods Open Office file)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Armies of Greyhawk 1 - Snow Barbarians.

Alright, as some of you (all two, I suspect) will know I'm slowly working on things for a 15mm scale Field of Glory-based army that will come to represent the various and eventually combined forces of the Barbarians of the Thillonrian peninsula for the ongoing Armies of Greyhawk project. I plan to write up all of the main players of as much of Oerth as I can as time progresses, and am somewhat optimistically aiming for one every week or so. Updates will be here as things move forward. We'll see exactly how much gets finished in the future, I suppose.

The listings and options for each force are comprised through a combination of studying available troop compositions, reading background and histories of the region concerned and then applying some rudimentary knowledge of historical warfare and military usage of different troops to come up with something that makes some sort of logical sense as a viable battle-ready force from that perspective, too. Of course, this approach might not please everyone, but I personally am quite pleased with the first few lists I've drawn up.

Questions and comments are, of course, always welcome and I sincerely hope that other wargamers will find some use in the lists as presented, or simply as inspiration for their own lists.  I will also note that these lists are provided by me "as-is" and they are never to be taken for profit or other publication without at least getting my permission first. Other than that, please download them, play with them, use them, edit them for your own personal use to your heart's content but most of all just enjoy them.

Here, now, I present the first "neat" draft of the first army list completed, that of the Snow Barbarians:

CLICK THIS LINK (Downloads from Mediafire. It's a .ods Open Office file type. Just think Spreadsheet.)

Edit: Link updated to 1.0a, because I forgot to include some notes at the bottom. Whoops!