Sunday, 26 September 2010


After a week of feeling like crap, then losing my camera battery charger (and having a dead battery) I finally have something to show, and yet after all of the wait it's still only a small handful of miniatures. Still, I have to say that I'm really quite happy (and, dare I say it, proud?) of what I get to show off. 

First up, here's the first of the 15mm figures I've ever painted. It's a special gift piece I did for Joe, a good friend and DM of the AD&D campaign I play in (and steal inspiration from). Behold, Ranger Joe!

The others done to date are a base worth of 15mm heavy Dwarf Infantry, which will be based and possibly used under the FoG/modified FoG rules and are painted in colours appropriate for the armies of Greyhawk.They're finished, though they're not mounted on their appropriate base simply because I was mind-fartingly stupid and didn't think to get any with my order! As they stand, they'll sit on the cardboard I PVA'd them onto to paint them until I get bases. Besides, finishing basing them will give me another reason to post an update!

Next up on the painting table, aside from the Blood Bowl teams that are STILL not done, are a trio of Battletech mechs. A Warhammer, a Centurion and a Victor. While I'm still grumpy about various sounds coming out from Catalyst, the miniatures are certainly pretty.  In addition to those are a pair of 1:1200 scale age of sail Royal Navy ships (a First Rate, Royal Anne, and a Fifth Rate, Phoenix, which are likely not to be finished soon, damn rigging...) and a few more bases worth of Dwarfs.  Told you I have miniature ADD.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

New stuff, coming soon.

No, really.

The charger for my digital camera, however, has died. So, while managing to scrape the pictures of the last few finished minis with the last of the battery power was fine, the uploading isn't possible until I can either (miraculously) find the spare charger or get a new one.

As we say in our D&D group - DAMN.

Anyway, coming up are a few 15mm painted figures, with maybe some heroic 28mm/30mm stuff that deserves it's picture being taken. Stay tuned!

Friday, 17 September 2010


Right, I'm not actually avoiding this blog, honest.  I've come down with another of my intermittent (simple) episcleritis attacks. I'm hugely sensitive to light at the moment, have a devil of a headache, using a computer hurts like ten tapdancing bison going at it in my head, even being near my painting lamp is excruciating. I've not picked up a paint brush in a week, hence nothing to post here.

Hopefully, all will be resolved in a week or so, we'll see. I want to finish off the (not so secret) Ranger Joe figure, as well as at least one base of Dwarves (as well as starting the other fifteen I cleaned up). Although... Hmm. It might be amusing to be going to D&D like a very hung over rock star.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

15mm...or not?

As promised, here's a comparison shot between some naked (oo-er!) metal Black Raven Foundry Rangers and Dwarves (columns two and four, respectively) alongside some Old Glory 15 Norman dismounted Milites and Saxon Hirdsmen (one and three).  The squares on the tile beneath are one inch, for scale.

As you can see (I'm sure you can click through or use some other intertubes wizardry to see the larger image) the Rangers are taller, and the Dwarves seem incredibly tall. Oh well. I like the Dwarves and the Rangers next to one another (and the test Dwarves are being painted up nicely, updates on those to come by the weekend, I hope). True, they don't mix perfectly with the historicals, but you'd be hard pressed to find a mini line that scales perfectly even with itself, so I'm not too terribly fussed.  Besides, when I'm looking top-down on them, I really don't see much of a difference, and that's what matters most to me when I'm gaming.

Additional content warning: Trees.  I've been spending a little time putting together some pine forests. Well, the trees for the frosty pine forests, anyway. Enjoy another fancy picture-ma-bob that also gives all you voyeur-types a peek at part of my desk (and reveals my adoring allegiance to Vallejo paints).  I have to chop up some stands for these, mount the trees, paint and flock bases then produce some foamboard bases for the little stands to play on. It should look pretty nifty when done. Rest assured, you'll have pictures.