Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Slacker #3 reporting in...

Right. No updates. It's because it's my birthday and I'm still on holiday in England. So peaceful, so relaxing, so slow-paced. This ----------------> is my early-morning view most days. Yes, a bit blurry and washed because of the sunrise, but I don't think I'll ever stop appreciating how green and beautiful the whole place is here. Now if only we could have a government that wasn't full of stupid and neo conservatives desperate to protect our children from boobies at every turn. Ahem, sorry about that.

SO! This isn't an Armies of Greyhawk update (because being numpty stupid-head that I am I forgot my notebook with everything). Instead, I'm posting up a couple images from my trusty digicam of some trees 'wot I done finished' before I left.  Click to embiggen and stuff.

When I get back home (Well, the Americas, anyway) however, I will be, after doing the dishes, engaging with some Ogre painting madness.  Well, actually not any Ogres...But at least one Fencer and various tanky types.  Woo fun times!  Will I get them finished before the game in May? Probably not, which is likely to cause much mockery by the people who will then shoot all my unfinished lead, but it'll be fun to try! Pics and more Armies of Greyhawk updates to come. Promise!