Thursday, 16 June 2011

Armies of Greyhawk - Commanders.

Someone asked me, "what about fortified camps and commanders for the lists?".  To begin with, all the fortified camps and commanders cost the same amount across all the various army lists so that takes the decision out of my hands, as, frankly, I've tried to stick with their own formula for costing troops, therefore their values are fine with me. A player familar with Field of Glory (the system for which the Armies of Greyhawk lists are built) and in possession of any of the source books will see the exact same options for the Fortified Camp and the commanders in the various officially published army lists.  I didn't think it was necessary to include the commanders and Fortified Camp options in every list, as they're universal across all of them.  I also didn't feel that it was really in my purview to dictate which armies could or could not have a Fortified Camp - I would rather leave the option to each individual player and each particular scenario that they wish to partake.

However, I suppose I should include something here just as a self-important indication of how I personally add command and camps to my lists. That and in the hope of converting a few more players to the Field of Glory/Armies of Greyhawk fold.

Inspired Commander / Field Commander / Troop Commander      -   80/50/35 points 

Sub Commanders:
0-2    Field Commander       -    50 points
0-3    Troop Commander     -    35 points

0-1    Fortified camp             -    24 points.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Armies of Greyhawk 7 - Sunndi

Hooray! It's time to get posted another list in the increasingly famous (SEVEN! Count them, an average of seven downloads each!) Armies of Greyhawk series.  Thank you all for the support and links and continued interest in these things! Anyway, before I go off on a tangent that really should be covered in it's own post, let's get to posting that list.

Armies of the County of Sunndi (.ods file, downloads from Mediafire. Sunndi1.0.90.ods).