Tuesday, 31 August 2010

It's ARRIVED... Well, sorta.

My consignment of Field of Glory books have arrived!  It's a good sign that, on first glance of them, the rules seem mostly clear and concise, and the companion books only want to make me get the rest of them. I'm looking forward to clumsily playing my way through the first handful of games with my Frost Barbarians Anglo-Saxons.

Also... Happy 15mm painting fun time! Well, soon at least. My miniatures have arrived and I'm sure I'll be spending large parts of Wednesday night going through them all in some obsessive-compulsive fit that has me sorting out each individual sculpt of miniature into a box with it's fellows so I can try to make the optimal balance of miniatures for each base.  Yeah, I really am obsessive compulsive enough to be worried about actually doing that.

No newly-painted miniatures to update this with, unless you want pictures of half a dozen primed Beastmen or a Minotaur (you can blame reading the FoG books and playing Elemental for that), but if people bitch at me enough I'll end up posting new pictures of old miniatures just to shut folks up who DEMAND CONTENT. You jerks. In the meantime, I'll leave you with an answer to a question a few people of late have asked me.  No, I'm not going to elaborate, but I will say yes, I have played it and, sad to say, with the way most people seem to approach 4e play I think contracting herpes from a brazen strumpet* would be more fun.  Are all you questioning chappies happy now?  Good.

*Bonus I <3 U points go to anyone recognising that particular reference.

Saturday, 28 August 2010


No, really. Balls. 

Okay, admittedly they weren't strictly mentioned as being "on my painting table" or anything, but  I'm entitled to change my mind whenever I damn well please.  Besides, what game of Blood Bowl is complete without a huge, spiky ball, or even a vast, bouncy pair?

I did actually get around to also painting some other miniatures, too. This time, they were actually on the list! Behold the last two Chaos Warriors for my (fourth) team. Just for a change, I'm even thinking of fully painting these ones, too. Those that know me from the Old Country actually died of shock just there, so that cut my readership down from three to one. Damnit.

Oh, yeah, and I better add a picture of the Chaos Warriors (badly taken, but sod it, y'know?). They're not exactly the best of jobs, just a simple, clean once-over, but they had to match the previous two which were done... Uh... Eight, no, ten years ago. I like to think my techniques (if not my actual lack of raw talent) has improved since then.

As a final aside, I want to plug Vallejo paints. Cheaper than GW paints (huzzah! Not that it's actually hard to be cheaper than theirs) but really an excellent formula.  Easy to mix, easy to smooth down, I really was comfortable working with them and a palette. Right, that's enough free advertising space. Here's a closeup of my shiny red ball to finish.

Monday, 23 August 2010

State of the table address

Right!  So, actually time for putting down what's on my painting table right now.  With my painting ADD though, there's no guarantee that this is what will get painted next, that's all down to my lunatic mu... Ooh, shiny!

In no particular order, we have:
  • Chaos Blood Bowl Team. Touchups on two Chaos Warriors, primer on 6 Beastmen, one Minotaur, 6 more Beastmen and one Chaos Warrior star player not started.
  • Human Blood Bowl Team. Touchups and finishing touches on five models,
  • 13 Dwarf Ironbreakers. Primered.
  • One Imperial Greatsword (human fighter RP character). Primered.
  • One Goblin Shaman (Goblin RP character). Primered.

Besides all them, I'm looking forward to getting some new 15mm figures (Dwarves and Anglo-Saxons) which were somewhat inspired by Joe Bloch's Armies of Greyhawk posts and the AD&D campaign he's running. Well, that and the fact that I don't need that many reasons to buy even more miniatures.


I've never been fond of blogging. I mean, some people can do it because they've got interesting stuff to say and in that regard blogging has become an invaluable tool for being able to spread intelligent words to the masses... Then there's the 95% of the blogosphere who really, really, really want to tell people about their bloody dog, or share baby pictures or explain some incredibly vacuous reason as to why they hate celebrity so and so, or politician X, Y or Z... No, no they can't get away with it. And yes, yes I am a grumpy old bastard. These are things you will have to deal with should you actually read this blog.

Oh, and before I get anyone commenting that I can't get away with it because I don't really have anything insightful or useful to post, you're right, I can't. This is going to be a pointless and silly blog, existing for the purpose of me showing off (or being publicly humiliated by) my chain mail work, my painting, drawings, writings or anything else I have created that I feel like showing off.