Tuesday, 31 August 2010

It's ARRIVED... Well, sorta.

My consignment of Field of Glory books have arrived!  It's a good sign that, on first glance of them, the rules seem mostly clear and concise, and the companion books only want to make me get the rest of them. I'm looking forward to clumsily playing my way through the first handful of games with my Frost Barbarians Anglo-Saxons.

Also... Happy 15mm painting fun time! Well, soon at least. My miniatures have arrived and I'm sure I'll be spending large parts of Wednesday night going through them all in some obsessive-compulsive fit that has me sorting out each individual sculpt of miniature into a box with it's fellows so I can try to make the optimal balance of miniatures for each base.  Yeah, I really am obsessive compulsive enough to be worried about actually doing that.

No newly-painted miniatures to update this with, unless you want pictures of half a dozen primed Beastmen or a Minotaur (you can blame reading the FoG books and playing Elemental for that), but if people bitch at me enough I'll end up posting new pictures of old miniatures just to shut folks up who DEMAND CONTENT. You jerks. In the meantime, I'll leave you with an answer to a question a few people of late have asked me.  No, I'm not going to elaborate, but I will say yes, I have played it and, sad to say, with the way most people seem to approach 4e play I think contracting herpes from a brazen strumpet* would be more fun.  Are all you questioning chappies happy now?  Good.

*Bonus I <3 U points go to anyone recognising that particular reference.

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  1. I did an exhaustive inventory of my own armies from the order, and all mine seem to be in place.

    I sent an email to the manufacturer asking for the errant figures to be sent along, and will let you know when I hear back. He's been very good about communicating, so I'm not too worried.