Saturday, 28 August 2010


No, really. Balls. 

Okay, admittedly they weren't strictly mentioned as being "on my painting table" or anything, but  I'm entitled to change my mind whenever I damn well please.  Besides, what game of Blood Bowl is complete without a huge, spiky ball, or even a vast, bouncy pair?

I did actually get around to also painting some other miniatures, too. This time, they were actually on the list! Behold the last two Chaos Warriors for my (fourth) team. Just for a change, I'm even thinking of fully painting these ones, too. Those that know me from the Old Country actually died of shock just there, so that cut my readership down from three to one. Damnit.

Oh, yeah, and I better add a picture of the Chaos Warriors (badly taken, but sod it, y'know?). They're not exactly the best of jobs, just a simple, clean once-over, but they had to match the previous two which were done... Uh... Eight, no, ten years ago. I like to think my techniques (if not my actual lack of raw talent) has improved since then.

As a final aside, I want to plug Vallejo paints. Cheaper than GW paints (huzzah! Not that it's actually hard to be cheaper than theirs) but really an excellent formula.  Easy to mix, easy to smooth down, I really was comfortable working with them and a palette. Right, that's enough free advertising space. Here's a closeup of my shiny red ball to finish.

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