Thursday, 13 October 2011

RIP Dennis Ritchie

I make no secret of my distaste of the glorification of lesser men that succeed wildly (yes, I refer to Steve Jobs there). So, as I doubt it will be so widely blogged or cried about, nor will reams of books and "biographies" of his life be mentioned and discussed for months afterwards, I'd like to pay sincere respects and best wishes here to Dennis Ritchie.

A genuine technology pioneer, he was one of the fundamental technologists behind, in my opinion, the entire world we know today. With Unix and C, what Dennis Ritchie's hands touched have very literally shaped almost every aspect of life through the emergence of personal technology and computing power.  He will be fondly remembered here, at least.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Minis. Well, two of 'em.

I've been embroiled in real life. Wrestling with the government, tending sick kitties and summer weather can really suck out all desire to do anything hobby-like out of me.

First off, sorry about the disappearance of the Armies of Greyhawk progress.  It's still there, it's still waiting to be posted, I just have to put a few finishing touches to it before I can move on.

Now, onto a minor update. A picture of my first fully-completed 'mech miniatures.  Yes, Joe, I SHOULD be painting more Pan-Euro minis (and they'll get done at some point) but I wanted these mean ladies on the field in full dress. Enjoy!