Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Off to England!

Heading home to England later today, thus no updates because of packing, weighing, repacking, reweighing and finally packing a third time.

I'll do my utmost to post Armies of Greyhawk updates here while I'm there, but I make no promises. I don't get to visit 'home' all that often, so I'm sure I'll be doing an awful lot of annoying old friends for the next few weeks. If I'm not too wrapped up in the moment, I'll even try to take pictures of things.

Have a good time, blog peoples. Happy dice-rolling!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Armies of Greyhawk 4 - Nyrond

Welcome to another of the series of Armies of Greyhawk posts. As promised, this time under the spotlight are the forces of Nyrond. As a feeble excuse of a 'bonus' you'll see (if you grab the file) that both the regular and 'reserve' Nyrondese forces are present.

The forces listed here are under my newer-implemented scale, so unless you went and downloaded the new-releases of those files, you may think these forces look huge by comparison. So GO GET THEM NOW.

Armies of Nyrond (.ods file, downloads from Mediafire.  Nyrond1.0.90.ods ). 

Thursday, 10 March 2011


I'm nothing if not a fantastic bandwagoneer!

First, a fantastic Elf chick in her native habitat. Truly fabulous, I know. You're welcome.

SECOND! The Booby. Also fabulous, I'm sure you'll agree.
Check out some of these links to learn more about our plan for world domination the hobby that many of us share. I hope that you'll take the time to read some really excellent information about just what the OSR really is.

Also - check out Greyhawk Grognard (link to the right) for more links to more interesting sources!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Armies of Greyhawk 3 - Great Kindgom.

A touch late from my self-imposed deadline of one a week, but after thinking more on things mentioned in my previous post (and selfishly enjoying a long weekend with the wife) I think getting this up today isn't so bad after all.  I've gone through all the previous posts and updated them to the new standard scale I was thinking about. I think it makes much more sense that way, and hope those of you reading and downloading these will agree. Links for that are below. I'm fairly satisfied with the scales as they are now, so I can be pretty secure in saying that I won't change formats again. I'm done with that sort of tweaking, at least.

Anyways. This week, I present the armies of the Great Kingdom. Once the greatest force of law and good, and now... Well, if you're interested in this you probably already know! Behold, links for the clicking! Next week will be Nyrond.

GREAT KINGDOM 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

SNOW BARBARIANS 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

ICE BARBARIANS 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

FROST BARBARIANS 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

The old links from previous posts will remain - I don't believe in deleting content once it's out there, but I doubt very strongly that I'll be doing any other lists to that scale.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Armies of Greyhawk - Thoughts.

In starting a project, one is inevitably immediately drawn into the enthusiasm and excitement of new work, new challenges and the prospect of creating something memorable. Alright, at least I am. It's the same with a painting project, a writing project, a chain mail project or anything else I set my mind and turn my hand to. The thoughts about difficulties and problems that will arise within the work usually come a little bit later on, after the initial adrenaline rush passes.

Such is where I'm at with writing these Armies of Greyhawk lists.

No worry should arise about my not finishing what I have information for, or what I've promised various people I'd do. I'd sooner saw off my left hand than go back on my word, but the more I look at information about the various forces and factions, the more I'm drawn in to something of a quandary.  Many of the forces are truly grand in scale, with thousand upon thousand of armoured, beweaponed warriors standing ready to do their sovereign's will. Then there are smaller ones, where a force might total three thousand or so at most. So my thoughts have been about just where the balance of scale for soldiers per base should lie, given that I want it to have something of a cohesive theme and balance within the Field of Glory rules.

Originally, I aimed for something measured by the thousands.  Roughly 12 bases per two thousand men. This works fairly well and is practical for the larger armies - Nyrond, Great Kingdom, the various Thillonrian tribes, etc. It doesn't however, work very well for a force like that of Sunndi. And worse still for one like the Sea Barons or the individual Bandit Kindoms' forces.

So, now I'm considering re-writing the ones I've done so far down to a more manageable scale for all concerned.  I'm leaning towards something like 85-90 men per base (give or take) to allow 12 bases per thousand, right now, but I certainly need to think on things more.  Sure, it would make modeling the complete Nyrondese standing army something that only a madman would try to accomplish (*ahem*), but it would allow a much greater flexibility in both writing and playing with the lists. This, I feel, would make things more fun for people that might actually play with these lists