Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Armies of Greyhawk 3 - Great Kindgom.

A touch late from my self-imposed deadline of one a week, but after thinking more on things mentioned in my previous post (and selfishly enjoying a long weekend with the wife) I think getting this up today isn't so bad after all.  I've gone through all the previous posts and updated them to the new standard scale I was thinking about. I think it makes much more sense that way, and hope those of you reading and downloading these will agree. Links for that are below. I'm fairly satisfied with the scales as they are now, so I can be pretty secure in saying that I won't change formats again. I'm done with that sort of tweaking, at least.

Anyways. This week, I present the armies of the Great Kingdom. Once the greatest force of law and good, and now... Well, if you're interested in this you probably already know! Behold, links for the clicking! Next week will be Nyrond.

GREAT KINGDOM 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

SNOW BARBARIANS 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

ICE BARBARIANS 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

FROST BARBARIANS 1.0.90 DOWNLOAD (.ods file format, downloading from Mediafire.)

The old links from previous posts will remain - I don't believe in deleting content once it's out there, but I doubt very strongly that I'll be doing any other lists to that scale.


  1. I've not yet had the time to compare your army lists against the articles that were published in Dragon back in the early 1980's, but if they are as close to the mark as I suspect (given your attention to detail in all things gaming), this is an enormous resource.

    Have you considered posting these on the Slitherine message boards, or the FoG Fantasy email list? I'm sure they'd go over well.

  2. Thank you for the praise, first off. Not sure it's entirely earned the label of 'enormous resource' yet, but I'll try. I have to say again, though, that most of this wouldn't be possible without Grendelwulf's work on numbers. I will trust to his accuracy in detail to cover my own butt.

    But, no. I hadn't given any thought to posting them anywhere, to be honest. I barely have the courage to wade through forums anymore and I will rather shamefully admit I didn't even know there was a FoG Fantasy email list!

    If you think they're worth sharing, you're of course free to point people to them as the series continues to grow. I'll have to remember to get around to looking up the various places you mentioned to perhaps open these up to others who might be interested.