Saturday, 28 May 2011

Caroline, oh Caroline!

She's finished! Eeee! The pink Fencer, after deciding on her name of Caroline, is ready to destroy those dirty, horrible, science-hating Combine forces!  She's thoroughly gorgeous and she'll overrun anyone that says otherwise. I panicked somewhat when I first added the black lining after the basecoat, but thankfully (I think) the topcoat went on quite nicely and covered the fact that it looked bloody awful at that time.  Paint covers a multitude of sins, thank goodness!

You'll also see, in the background of Caroline's glamour shot, the beginnings of my Royal Household Pan-European forces. Slow progress, I will admit, but I'm quite pleased with the results of the first few units.  Hooray me and hooray black ink!

Okay then. In addition to Caroline, the pink Fencer of DOOM, and the Pan-Euros, I've been working on some bases of trees. Below is a picture of my box'o'trees.  It's not quite hundreds, but it'll cover enough to be getting on with. Roughly twice that number again and I'll be done! Simples!

Yay pictures!

Also, my power supply and new PC components are in the mail, so fingers crossed they'll arrive by the weekend and I can resurrect the Armies of Greyhawk series. I haven't forgotten and those lists are still coming!

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  1. So, I finally get over to see Caroline . . . and I'm forced to wonder again about your sanity and stability. No wonder that you play the Montebank as you do.