Friday, 6 May 2011

Sometimes, I swear...

...things pile up against me.

I know it sounds silly but right now it feels like a perfectly understandable paranoia!

A few days ago, Mediafire was having issues with cooperating with Firefox (pretty much any version from 3.x and up). This coincided with my having finished off a couple (well, four) overdue Armies of Greyhawk lists. All typed and ready to go they were (are!), but no uploading meant I decided to just leave off posting until the next day. That night, the PSU for my computer imploded.

So now I'm currently awaiting receipt of the next one to be installed into the beast and typing this up on a spare with so little grunt that I doubt it would actually be able to power the painting lamp that is sitting next to me. I -could- tear out the HDD from that one and attach it up to this one if I really felt so inclined, but instead I'm taking the time to clean up and prime more of the 'Mechs I got from my Battletech starter boxes. And paint a pink Fencer (yes, I said pink). And base some more trees.  Oh, and finish proof-reading v1.0 of the Adventures Dark and Deep Game Master's Toolkit.

Sure, I appreciate the time to paint, but I think I'll feel a little more relaxed when I get those new AoG lists posted like I said I would... At this rate I'll actually -finish- painting the Fencer AND have taken pictures -before- I get the parts for the new computer. Astonishing!

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