Sunday, 10 October 2010

Chain mail

No, not THAT kind of Chainmail. I mean the real stuff, made of steel and made by burly bearded men in leather aprons.

The name of this blog isn't by random choice. I make chain and mail, both as a hobby for myself and by rare commission for people who want cool little doodads like dice bags, clothing and random bits of chains. If you need chain mail hosiery for a loved one, captive child, pet or real doll, now is the time to order it... Or something, anyway. I figured that as I hadn't actually posted anything about any of my chain work I should show some off. Now's the time to do that simply because I've gotten into a few projects for people before the holiday seasons so have put a few other hobbies aside for a while to pick up my tools again for a bit.

Here's a couple pictures of bits of steel in odd shapes I've either done or am currently working on. It's not much, but nothing's worse than anything else.

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