Monday, 18 October 2010

Back in the saddle!

But not painting.
Still working on a few chainmail projects and they're coming along nicely in my spare time - but what's really been devouring my minutes these past weeks has been two things, two things that I've been really nervous and incredibly excited about!

First, my best (or at least my baldest) friend is coming over from England and we're giving him a tour of the Yanktastic States. Secondly, and most busyingly, I've been working on prep and development of my own world and AD&D(1st) campaign.  While I don't take enough notes for a campaign diary, I did want to give a few shoutouts on the one-in-a-million chance that those people actually read this.

Andy - Your characters always come alive, and Corbin is no exception.  It's a joy to hear him preach to the poor, unsuspecting cultists brigands.

Val - My wife and my inspiration (by inspiration, I mean the one who tells me to do things and I do them). First time ever playing a fighter and you pick a savage, violent Russian?  No wonder I married you!

Lisa - First time ever playing AD&D, and with a (very) strange group. You did marvelously and I hope you'll continue to join us again and again.

Pete & Tes - Sorry about the poison!  But, as always, it's a pleasure to have you guys with us.

David - My brother and up there with the best friends I've ever had.  You got me into this D&D thing all those years ago, you even gifted me with my first books. I'll be eternally grateful for this, and the world as it develops is dedicated to you. Don't break it too much!

Anyway - because of the geographic disparity in our group (Colorado - New Jersey - Great Britain) we used a program called GameTable to manage our dice rolls and help offer pictures and graphics to my players. I think it worked surprisingly well - we were all first-time users and gradually we got more used to it. I'll certainly be using it more often, or at least when it comes to the most complex of combats, anyway.  We also used our old Ventrilo server to handle voice communications - everyone came through crystal clear for me, and hopefully they weren't too put off by the headsets they wore.

It was my first time DMing a campaign in over ten years, and while the responsibility is terrifying (I'm a wuss, don'tchaknow) I had a huge amount of fun and I think the players seemed to enjoy it too.

 I wonder when they'll work out just what this 'darkness' is?


  1. First, my best (or at least my baldest) friend is coming over from England

    Balder than me? What, do I have to shave my beard?

    Hopefully that's as far as you'll force me to go...

  2. Oh, trust me, he's balder than you Master Joe. If you WANT to get into a shaving competition though, well, I'm not going to stop as it'll just be too funny!