Thursday, 2 December 2010

Chain mail and dice.

 I find it heartening that, in the seven or so weeks since I posted last on this here blogamajig I haven't had a single person ask me "how come you don't post?". This is a good thing, because it means my insulting mannerisms are clearly working at an acceptable running capacity!

So just what the hell have I been up to in all that time? Making chain mail dice bags, mostly. I've also been cleaning up and priming some more 15(18)mm Dwarves, stealing some of my wife's 15mm Normans for a diorama and priming up a half-dozen bases of Saxons Frost Barbarians for the not-very-top-secret Armies of Greyhawk thing I probably mentioned and linked before.

First, I finished off the dice bag I had been meaning to make for myself for ages and ages. Finally my played-with polyhedral collection grew too large for my little wooden dice chest, so I finally had motivation.  I put together a pretty decent little bag out of stainless steel, pics enclosed.  The thing can handily hold six complete sets of standard sized polyhedral dice, and probably a metric assload (which is 2.2 old imperial assloads) of standard wargaming d6ers. I finished it off with some leather thong. Explaining what I wanted by leather thong in a store, however, created a whole world of amusing embarrassment. Ah, the joys of cultural misunderstandings when trying to speak English to a New Jersey native!

Three pictures there, one of the 'start', mostly for a curious friend who knits and was all intrigued by how it's done. The second is of the finished, empty dice bag and the third is a happily stuffed bag ready to go out gaming. Probably with other loose dice bags that play first edition, because I'm getting suspicious that my dice bag is a bit of a hussy. During the last session I was at three different people took dice out of it! What a tart.

On the theme of dice bags, I also made one for my good friend Mjolnir as a form of weregild for missing his convention-run Pendragon game at the last minute. The others at our table seemed suitably interested in it, and if anyone that happens to be reading this wants one then either let me cross you somehow and therefore have to make one in repayment of my disastrous failing or buy one from me!  *hint hint*  Yes, yes, shamelessly commercial of me I know, but the more people want my bags the more awesome a massage gift I can get my wife for her birthday... And she really does deserve awesome, as she will certainly tell you.

Hmm, no other pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it that I've been occupied with stuff.  I'm starting to be distracted by video games quite a bit lately, which is sad because you never finish video games with something tangible in front of you like you do with chain mail or painting. Still, I must say that Fable 3 really, really is hilariously good fun, and worthy of being a distraction.  When I'm done with distractions though, I'm starting to get the wargaming terrain itch, so I think the next few projects after the Norman/Saxon diorama, and hopefully painting up a few Saxon bases, will be some hills, forests, maybe some rough terrain pieces for Field of Glory/Armies of Greyhawk type stuffs.

You may also notice that a common theme with me is thinking of a hundred things that would be really cool to do and then ultimately doing only about four of them. I require people getting on my back about doing stuff, clearly.

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